The Thymes



Eucalyptus - 

Infuse The Day With Possibility

With a fresh and cleansing blend of invigorating eucalyptus oil, crisp Italian lemon, lime and petitgrain, Thymes Eucalyptus is positive and alive. A scent that not only wakes you up, but leaves you centered, open and ready to take on the day with warmth and vitality.

Eucalyptua is available in Body Wash; Body Lotion, Hand Wash, Hand Lotion, Hand Cream, Bar Soap, Cologne, Foaming Bath and in several Sets and travel sizes.

lavender-body-lotion.jpg Lavender - 

Make Yourself More Comfortable

It’s lavender like no other. With a welcoming composition of soft, velvet lavender expertly blended with the warmth of rosewood, clary sage and violet leaf, Thymes Lavender is a fragrance that calms and restores... a gift we give to ourselves, and pass on to one-another. 

frasier-fir-reed-diffuser-.jpgFrasier Fir - $9.99 to $64.99

A Tradition That Feels Right At Home

With the aromatic snap of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood, it is mountain fresh, yet cozy and comforting. Thymes Frasier Fir brings forth a feeling of warmth and joy to share with all those who touch our lives.